off-season sales

As a twenty-something on a budget, I am always after a good deal. No matter how much I love a piece a clothing I usually won’t buy anything for more than $20. Gap is one of my favorite stores, everything is simple and pairs great with other pieces I already have. But, all of the items in the front of the store make it seem like everything is so expensive. This past weekend, I hit up the sale rack at Gap and found some awesome sweaters. The best part was, the sale items were an additional 50%!IMG_0508

Gap tends to switch the additional markdown off of sale items between 30, 40, and 50%. It’s best to try to figure out when the 50% deal is happening to save yourself even more money (at my store the 50% was on a Sunday, but it usually depends on other promotions that are going on). I got two sweaters for $5!!! They were originally $50 each. I know it’s spring time, but since it has been gloomy out I was able to wear one of the sweaters before having to put it away for the summer. I paired it with some $6 khakis from the Old Navy clearance and $3 earrings from Forever 21. A casual and cozy outfit for work for a total of less than $15, what could be better?…having a coffee in hand.


Clearance racks are a great place to stock up on classic items, while they are out of season, that you know you will always wear. Then, come time for winter you will have some great new sweaters and it will feel like a whole new wardrobe without spending lots of money when you see them on display at full price.


What are your favorite stores for finding a good deal? Let me know.

Happy sale shopping!

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