go M83

Dylan and I are road-tripping this weekend. Thought we would share one of our favorite new songs. It’s perfect for that feeling when you first get into the car and make that first turn to your destination. It’s bound to get any weekend off to a great start and will be stuck in your head for a while…but that’s not a bad thing at all.

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there will be time


New Mumford & Sons song ‘There Will Be Time’ live in South Africa…from their upcoming EP Johannesburg.

“So open up my eyes to a new light
I wandered ’round your darkened land all night
But I lift up my eyes to a new high
And indeed there would be time”


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The Lumineers became one of my favorite bands ever since I heard their first album. They just put out their new album about a month ago and even after a 4 year wait it is just as amazing as the last. I put together my top five songs from the album, all are perfect for singing a long, laying in bed on a rainy day, or taking a road trip.

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