car in a jar

Ever since I first saw this car in a jar craft here I knew I had to make it! I love getting in the holiday spirit by crafting and turns out this was even easier than I thought. All you need is a few materials, 5 minutes, and there you have it – a car in a jar! This is the perfect decoration to add to your holiday feast as a table center piece, add some decorations under the tree, or to any corner of your home you want to add some seasonal decorations to!

Materials needed:

  • Small bottle brush tree
  • Mason Jar
  • Fake Snow
  • Baker’s twine or other type of string
  • Old fashioned looking toy car
  • Twine or ribbon to decorate      

All the materials were pretty easy to find. If I didn’t have them already, I got them at my favorite craft store. The truck I was able to find at a local vintage toy and comic shop Dyl and I love to go to and it was only $1. Try looking around your house for an old car if you can’t find one and you can always paint it if it is covered in flames or a crazy design.

Make it your own: There are so many ways to get creative with this craft and add your own twist. Try adding more bottle brush trees around the car to set the scene, paint a holiday phrase on the outside of the mason jar, or tie jingle bells to the lid. The possibilities are endless! Use things on sale or you already have as inspiration.


  1. Fill mason car with desired amount of fake snow
  2. Prop bottle brush tree in trunk of toy car or on top and tie to the car using baker’s twine. If the windows are open tie the string through the window, if not, just tie around the entire car.
  3. Place the car and tree tied together in the mason jar on top of the snow.
  4. Close the lid and tie lid with twine or ribbon.
  5. Put on display as a center piece, under the tree, or just as a cozy decoration.

Tip: I didn’t glue anything down for my car in a jar. You can choose to glue the car down so it doesn’t move, but I plan to take mine out and turn it into a summer version later with sand on the bottom and a surfboard tied to the car. Stay tuned!

Comment with how you made your car in a jar your own!

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